MTL Saddle Terminology


M. Toulouse Professional series saddle are the first saddles made with Pull Leather (sometimes called Wet-Pull leather), which is created with a special tanning process. Pull Leather is so soft and supple that the saddle rides like its already broken in—even the sweat flap is made of the new Pull Leather. Its new feather touch print gives you even greater “stick” and increased feeling of security in your ride. All Professional Series saddles have the Genesis Adjustable Tree System™ and most have Wool Soft Touch Panels.


M. Toulouse Pro-Hybrid series saddles are made with soft, premium double leather flaps with most having Pull Leather reinforcements at the base of the flaps and the skirt for closer contact.


M. Toulouse Platinum series saddles are crafted with premium double leather and have wool flocked Soft-Touch panels. Most are available with fixed trees or with the Genesis Adjustable Tree System™.


M. Toulouse Comfort Fit series saddles feature Comfort Fit Panels that are made with two layers of foam. The outer layer of the Comfort Foam allows the panels to mold to the horses back, creating a comfortable, better fitting saddle for your horse. The flaps of the saddles also contain Comfort Foam which gives the rider added comfort while riding. Comfort Fit Technology is designed for ultimate comfort for both horse and rider. Most are available with fixed trees or with the Genesis Adjustable Tree System™.


M. Toulouse Standard series saddles are crafted with premium double, printed leather, or smooth bridle leather and have Comfort-Fit foam panels. Some are available with fixed trees or with the Genesis Adjustable Tree System™.



The innovative Genesis adjustable gullet system allows a single saddle to custom fit all your horses—safely and dependably—because Genesis is the only adjustable gullet system that gives you every saddle width needed, and it locks with set screws to maintain the fit until you decide to change it. Whether you ride several horses, or your horse is growing and changing, the Genesis gullet system will adjust your saddle from narrow to extra-wide and any width in between—millimeter by millimeter. With its integral parts constructed of case-hardened steel, the Genesis is also the only adjustable gullet system backed by a 5 year limited warranty that covers all of the moving parts in the Genesis system. In order to qualify for this warranty you must register your saddle online. Adjustments to the Genesis system are made quickly and easily in three steps using the included tools: unlock the gullet; adjust the gullet width and lock in the new width. All your adjustments are made almost instantly and without taking the saddle apart. A small, discrete flap underneath the saddle is all you need to open. And you can adjust your Genesis gullet as often as you need for every horse you ride. For more information Click Here


Our hand laminated, beech wood, spring steel reinforced tree has a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturers defects. All trees have stainless steel stirrup bars



No lumps, no bumps, no hotspots! Soft Touch panels are made with pure soft latex rubber and genuine wool flocking. The bottom layer of latex rubber allows the panels to mold to the horses back. This creates a more comfortable, better fitting saddle for your horse.


Comfort Fit Technology is the basis for these panels made with two layers of foam. The outer layer of the Comfort Foam allows the panels to mold to the horses back, and the inner layer provides soft even support creating a comfortable, better fitting saddle for your horse.


M. Toulouse saddles are hand crafted of natural, tanned, pigmented, aniline-finished high-quality leather which will accept oil. Our leather is a natural product because we allow our cows to live and roam naturally. As a result, our leather is stronger, and although there may be natural marks and variations, we carefully choose the ideal cut of each individual hide in order to minimize these natural occurrences.


Made from special Pull Leather which is soft and supple yet also grippy that will feel broken in on your first ride. We use this leather on all of the PRO Series saddles. Some of the styles have smooth Pull leather, and some have a “Feather Touch” print for even more gripping properties.


Made with 2 layers of leather. The top layer is a thin soft calf leather laminated to a sturdy cow hide layer creating that soft and grippy feel.


Made with a single layer of sturdy cowhide with a more traditional look and feel.


Made with a single layer of soft cowhide similar to what is used in making bridles.


Cut-away shoulder panels for your horses comfort, creating less pressure on the shoulder for freedom of movement.

Leather "Wear Guard" Full grain leather at the bottom of the flap helps to protect against wear. Also called "Wear Leathers"

Saddles "Inspired By" Many of the MTL Saddles are designed by inspiration from a much more expensive saddles' design. When we say "Is inspired by" we name the saddle that was used for inspiration, but it should be understood that product names, logos, brand names, trademarks and service marks featured in or referred to on this site are the property of their respective owners. No endorsement by or affiliation with those owners is intended or implied.


Saddle owners must register their new saddle in order to activate the Warranty below: Intec Corp Limited Warranty does not apply to normal wear or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse or neglect. Intec Corp makes no warranties other than the limited warranty expressly set forth herein. MTL brand saddles are warranted by Intec Corp against a broken tree or a malfunction of the MTL Genesis™ adjustable tree system for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. It is our experience that any malfunction of the saddle trees and/or the Genesis adjustable system can be a result of improper use or abuse, and INTEC Corp has the right to determine the cause of the malfunction to be a defect, or a result of a traumatic incident that is not the responsibility of INTEC Corp. (Some states do not allow limitations or exclusions of implied warranties, and some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. Intec Corp limited warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction). To obtain service under Intec Corp limited warranty, you must be the original purchaser/user of the product and you must obtain a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number from Intec Corp. The product must be returned to Intec with transportation charges prepaid, and must be accompanied by a brief description of the problem encountered, proof of purchase date and place of purchase. Call Intec Customer Service 732-290-3000 ext 205 before sending any equipment back for warranty service.