MTL Platinum Flat Curb Rein
Brand: M. Toulouse
Item Number: 4085F
MTL Flat Curb Rein converts your favorite Snaffle Bridle to a Pelham bridle.
Chocolate and Cognac Sizes 1/2” and 5/8” Full Horse, and Extra Full with Hook Stud Ends
  • Chocolate
  • Cognac
SKU Stock
4085F Chocolate Full 1/2” X 57” 0
4085XF Chocolate X-Full 1/2” X 59” 4
4086F Cognac Full 1/2” X 57” 5
4086XF Cognac X-Full 1/2” X 59” 9
4087F Chocolate Full 5/8” X 57” 1
4087XF Chocolate X-Full 5/8” X 59” 10
4088F Cognac Full 5/8” X 57” 7
4088XF Cognac X-Full 5/8” X 59” 7
Leather Type:
  • Italian Leather
There is no right or wrong product to use on good quality, premium, natural leather products, but in order to maintain the beauty of your reins, we recommend at least wiping down with a soft cloth or damp sponge after every ride. SUPPLE Leather Cleaner and Conditioner (Available at is a great product to use when the leather needs a bit more to keep sweat and dirt from building up, or if exposed to inclement weather (immediately after the ride). Allow tack to dry thoroughly before using again if at all possible. Light oil can be applied over time as needed, but never soak leather in oil.
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