Brand: M. Toulouse
Item Number: 6901GEN1
The M. Toulouse Marielle Monoflap is ideal for Eventing, show jumping, and for anyone who wants a more forward flap and a bit more security, this Marcel Toulouse Platinum Marielle with Genesis adjustable tree is a smart choice. This Marielle Monoflap has a 4 cm more forward flap then the standard Marielle saddle, and it also features Wool STP panels to provide maximum comfort for the horse and can be reflocked for a different horse or as the horse changes. Available with a fixed tree in Medium or Wide, or the Genesis™ Adjustable Tree System, both with a 5 year limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects.
Chocolate Sizes 16 1/2” - 18 1/2” Genesis Adjustable, and Medium & Wide Fixed Trees. Regular flaps 4 cm more forward than the Original Marielle Monoflap saddle.
  • Chocolate
SKU Stock
6901GEN1 16 1/2" 0
6901GEN2 17" 3
6901GEN3 17 1/2" 2
6901GEN4 18" 0
6901GEN5 18 1/2" 1
Leather Type:
  • Double Leather
Tree Width:
  • Genesis
Flap Style:
  • Regular
Flap Description:
  • Slightly Forward
  • Stp Wool
Seat Style:
  • Medium Deep
  • Medium Narrow
Front Knee Block:
  • Surface
Rear Thigh Block:
  • Surface
  • 2 Integrated Monoflap Billets
# Tree Used:
  • Cetree
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