MUDRUCKERS Waterproof Tall Boot
Brand: Mudruckers
Item Number: 333-5
These rugged, waterproof stretch neoprene lined, slip-on boots will keep your feet dry and comfortable in any weather. The lightweight, flexible boots are stain-resistant and feature a removable EVA sock liner and a 100% breathable, innovative Comfort-Flo™ lining that eliminates the sweat and heat of other boots. Mudrucker boots keep you comfortable so you can focus on your work or play in the barn, in the garden, or anywhere else normal footwear can't go.
Available in Navy, Hunter & Black, Size Ladies 5-12 and Mens 12-14 (Order Ladies one size larger for Mens sizes L12 = M11)
  • Navy
SKU Stock
333-5 Navy Ladies Size 5 0
333-6 Navy Ladies Size 6 2
333-7 Navy Ladies Size 7 32
333-8 Navy Ladies Size 8 4
333-9 Navy Ladies Size 9/Mens Size 8 12
333-10 Navy Ladies Size 10/Mens Size 9 42
333-11 Navy Ladies Size 11/Mens Size 10 9
333-12 Navy Ladies Size 12/Mens Size 11 18
The rubber shell and nylon upper are very easy to clean up with a spray of water or a gentle scrubbing with soap and water.
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